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Late breaker abstract period opening soon!

ASLM would like to congratulate the organisers of the AIDS 2016 conference this past week. More than 18,000 delegates from around the world descended on Durban to attend the 21st International AIDS conference and discuss the global HIV response. ASLM had a strong presence, hosting two satellite sessions on 'Scaling-up Access to Viral Load Testing' [...]

Archive: Public Webinar, Tues 29 March

Thank you for joining the ASLM public informational webinar which provided an overview of upcoming ASLM2016 conference abstract programmes. Webinar presentation: Download the presentation (PDF) To learn more about ASLM2016 seminar opportunities, please download the Seminars Brochure (PDF). Webinar agenda reviewed: Abstract mentor programme (submission deadline: 1 April) Abstract submission guidelines (extended submission deadline: 11 [...]

Abstract Submission and Early-Bird Registration Now Open

ASLM announces the official opening of the ASLM2016 regular abstract submission period and early-bird registration. More than 1,500 local and international stakeholders will gather at the ASLM2016 conference in Cape Town, South Africa, from 3-8 December 2016, to share best practices and debate innovative approaches for meeting modern day global health priorities in Africa. Click [...]

ASLM to Convene International Conference to Address Global Health Security in Africa

ASLM2016 scientific conference to identify health threats and accelerate local solutions; abstract submission period opens 4 March 2016. PRESS RELEASE: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (9 February 2016): Laboratory services are a cornerstone of health systems and indispensable to global health security. Medical laboratories play a pivotal role in disease diagnosis and management, surveillance, and outbreak investigation. [...]

Who Should Attend ASLM2016 and Why?

ASLM2016 is the third biennial international conference of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) centred around the theme “Laboratory Medicine in Africa: Combatting Global Health Threats”. ASLM2016 aims to serve as a platform for the international laboratory medicine community to share best practices, acquire knowledge and debate innovative approaches for combatting global health threats. [...]

Introducing the ASLM2016 Conference Chairs

Laboratory services, networks and systems are indispensable to global health security and effective health systems. Medical laboratories play a pivotal role in global disease diagnosis, surveillance, outbreak investigation, initiation and monitoring of therapy, as well as research and development. Medical laboratories in Africa are unfortunately underdeveloped and cannot meet the testing demands of health priorities [...]

Special Profile: Prof. Anthony Emeribe, Nigeria

Prof. Anthony Emeribe, Registrar/CEO of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, recently spoke with ASLM about his role as the ASLM2016 conference co-chair and the importance of laboratories in Africa. "Diagnoses contribute 60 to 85% of clinical decisions; without the laboratories, modern healthcare becomes mere guess work. A strong national health system cannot exist [...]

Special Profile: Prof. Wendy Stevens, South Africa

Prof. Wendy Stevens of the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) and University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, recently spoke with ASLM about her role as the ASLM2016 conference co-chair and her hopes for the future of laboratory medicine in Africa. "Strong laboratory networks coupled with good surveillance strategies are needed to combat global health threats." [...]

Bio: ASLM2016 Chair, Prof. Anthony Emeribe

Prof. Emeribe, Registrar/CEO, Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, was born in Makurdi, Benue State of Nigeria. He attended Community Secondary School Adazi, Awka Anambra State where he graduated with distinction in 1974. He became an Associate of the then Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology (IMLT) in 1981, earned an MSc from the University of [...]

Bio: ASLM2016 Chair, Prof. Wendy Stevens

Prof. Stevens qualified as a medical doctor from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, with cum laude in 1989 and pursued a career in laboratory Medicine. She received a best pathology registrar award in 1995 and a distinction for a degree during her specialization in haematology which she completed in 1995. She [...]