Past ASLM Conferences


ASLM2014 (, held 30 November-4 December 2014, convened more than 1,100 healthcare professionals and policy makers. The ASLM2014 conference theme was “Innovation and Integration of Laboratory and Clinical Systems: Reshaping the Future of HIV, TB, Malaria, Flu, Neglected Tropical Diseases and Emerging Pathogens in Africa.” To read the ASLM2014 Conference Report, click here.


ASLM2012 (, held 1-7 December 2012, convened more than 1,000 healthcare professionals and policy makers around the theme “Accurate Laboratory Diagnostics: A Pillar of Quality Healthcare.” Attendees presented and discussed the latest developments and initiatives for strengthening national laboratory health systems and networks, diagnostics and their impact on healthcare delivery and disease surveillance. To read the ASLM2012 Conference Report, click here.