ASLM2016 Scientific Tracks and Categories

Abstracts presented at ASLM2016 have been peer-reviewed for scientific content and current relevance to the clinical, public health, and scientific laboratory community.

From 3-8 December 2016, ASLM2016 will present abstract content based on the following categories.

Track 1: Global Health Security

  1. Improving diagnostic capacity to address global threats
  2. Integrating laboratory networks with public health institutes (PHIs)
  3. Combatting antimicrobial resistance
  4. Improving outbreak preparedness and reconstruction post-Ebola
  5. Other

Track 2: Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

  1. Improving diagnostic capacity for NCDs
  2. Preventing NCDs with scientific research
  3. Improving surveillance for better NCDs detection
  4. Lessons learnt from infectious diseases for NCDs
  5. Other

Track 3: Partnerships

  1. Achieving Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and international targets
  2. Improving the clinical-laboratory interface
  3. Harmonising national and regional networks
  4. Improving laboratory management via QMS (quality management systems) & regulatory harmonisation
  5. Other