Seminar #32

The Power of Q: Decentralizing HIV Early infant Diagnosis and Viral Load Testing to achieve 90-90-90 Goals


No invitations necessary; open to all conference registrants

Wednesday, 7 December
CTICC room location: 1.6




Achieving the ambitious 90-90-90 goals, to end the AIDS epidemic, will require testing and treatment of key populations no matter where they are. Point-of-care diagnostics have a critical role to play in reaching these patients and providing them with immediate, actionable results regarding their HIV status, stage of disease and response to therapy. Rapid diagnostic tests have already helped achieve ubiquitous access to HIV screening results for adults. Alere q point-of-care molecular technology offers the same promise for HIV Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) as well as viral load monitoring.
For this session, we have invited an expert panel to address a few critical questions:

  • What are the current gaps to achieving 90-90-90 targets, how can decentralized diagnostic testing help address these?
  • How do point-of-care HIV EID and viral load tests perform compared to laboratory based tests? Can point-of-care technology enable at birth testing of HIV exposed infants?
  • What have been the key components to successful implementation of point-of-care HIV EID and future strategies for point-of-care viral load implementation?
  • How are EQA and connectivity enabling point-of-care diagnostics to become integrated with the overall laboratory system and HIV program in country?


  • Understanding the gaps to achieving 90-90-90 targets and the role of point-of-care technology in EID and Viral load monitoring.
  • Review of point-of-care HIV EID and viral load test performance as well as clinical impact.
  • Understanding importance of EQA and connectivity programs to support point of care diagnostic implementations.


Dr. Trevor Peter, Director of Diagnostics, Clinton Health Access Initiative

Dr. Sergio Carmona, Head of Unit, HIV Viral Load Unit, National Health Laboratory Service, South Africa

Lucia Hans, Clinical Virologist, HIV PCR Laboratory, National Health Laboratory Service, South Africa

Reuben Mwenda, Deputy Director, Health Technical Support Services for Diagnostics, Ministry of Health, Malawi 

Brad Cunningham, Vice President, Implementation, SystemOne LLC 

Dr. Luis Gonzalez, Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs, Alere