About ASLM2016

ASLM2016 served as a platform for the international laboratory community to share best practices, acquire knowledge and debate innovative approaches for combatting the global health threats posed by HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, flu, neglected tropical diseases, emerging pathogens, and the growing threat of non-communicable diseases.

Specifically, ASLM2016:

  • Renewed commitment to laboratory strengthening for diagnosis, disease monitoring and surveillance of global health security threats including antimicrobial resistance (AMR);
  • Identified ways forward in the strengthening of African medical laboratory and pathology services for non-communicable diseases;
  • Shared the latest programmatic and research findings on implementation of laboratory-based and point-of-care technologies, including for HIV viral load and early infant diagnosis;
  • Served as a call to stakeholders to champion partnerships that are beneficiary-driven and sustainable, aiming to reverse a trend of donor-driven, top-down global health programming;
  • Encouraged continent-led efforts such as the recently launched Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

ASLM2016 was held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 3 December through 8 December 2016.