The ASLM2016 conference is committed to bringing together key players in the global health community to tackle some of the most critical health challenges of our time.

At ASLM2016, you will have the unique opportunity to step into Roche’s virtual laboratory using 3D real-time technology examining stand-alone systems to fully automated workflows.

Think you have seen it all? Look inside analysers in operational mode and experience Roche’s products and quality first-hand.

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We look forward to seeing you on the Roche 3D virtual reality tour at ASLM2016!

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ASLM2016 is the third ASLM biennial conference and builds on the massive success from ASLM2014 attended by over 1,200 delegates from 60 countries.

ASLM2016 is scheduled for 3-8 December 2016 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, in Cape Town, South Africa.