Seminar #22A

Public-Private Partnerships to Expand Access to High Quality Testing Services in Africa

Hosted by: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Invitation only

Monday, 5 December
CTICC room location: 1.64

Healthcare delivery is expanding rapidly in Africa. While this has been mainly in the public sector, it is estimated that at least 50% of healthcare in Africa is delivered in the private sector. Accordingly, private laboratories play a significant role in delivering testing services, though the capacity and quality of testing may vary considerably from setting to setting. In ideal conditions, private laboratories would provide high quality testing services within the private sector and may also support the growing demands of public sector testing where needed.

The size of the healthcare challenge faced by Africa requires a reassessment of traditional service delivery models and the exploration of new approaches. Governments, multilateral agencies and development partners internationally have started to partner with the private sector to deliver laboratory services. There are many examples of successes, best practices and lessons learned, however these are often not well understood by all relevant stakeholders.

The African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) is convening a session at ASLM2016 amongst leading laboratory and public health experts, policy-makers and private sector leaders to share experiences with public-private-partnerships in laboratory services. The sessions aims to provide a forum for interactive discussion on the delivery of centralized laboratory services in Africa and how public-private-partnerships could play a role in expanding testing access to high quality diagnostics and innovative new diagnostic tools.


  • Discuss current delivery of centralized laboratory services, current and future demands and priorities;
  • Share both public and private perspectives of successful public-private-partnerships, the associated challenges and key criteria for effectiveness;
  • Discuss opportunities and best practice approaches to expand successful public-private-partnerships models;
  • Identify key partnerships and frameworks, potential barriers and strategies to navigate these barriers.


  • Dr. Ali Elbireer, ASLM