Seminar #10B

APHLN: Envisioning The African Public Health Laboratory Network. Creating Infrastructure to Support and Sustain National Laboratory Health Systems and Compliance with International Health Regulations

Hosted by: Association of Public Health Laboratories

No invitations necessary; open to all conference registrants

Sunday, 4 December
10:00 – 12:00
CTICC room location: CTICC 2.44 – 2.46


National laboratory systems in Africa have made substantial improvements in the past decade and have developed meaningful strategic plans to continue efforts to assure quality laboratory services are available to all. However, chronic resource limitations, unpredictable economic and political environments and emergent infectious disease health threats present formidable challenges to the African continent. ASLM has proposed to lead development of an African Public Health Laboratory Network (APHLN) that will empower and facilitate practical solutions to share regional laboratory services, facilitate cross border transport of specimens for diagnostic testing and meet IHR related laboratory capabilities.

This session will help participants identify and describe gaps in critical laboratory services in Africa This is essential to assuring early detection and effective response to infectious disease outbreaks and design options of network infrastructure, collaboration and partnership to develop and implement a reliable pan-African laboratory network to meet IHR requirements and stop outbreaks early.